Hopkins Propane heating fuel, no contracts, no hidden fees!

Propane for Residential and Commercial tanks, Forklift bottles, cylinders, propane tank exchange, propane tank sets, BBQ bottles, 20 pound & 30 pound tanks

Before you sign up with anyone for propane – make sure you ask about the terms of any contracts. Ask if the price is locked in. Then ask what happens if your “locked in” price is higher than the current price next year – are you stuck with the higher price? A 2 year contract at a fixed, higher price is not in your best interest.

If you are quoted a price for the “first fill special” – ask what the price will be on subsequent deliveries. There should not be any surprises.

Make sure if there are delivery fees, or hazmat fees added on – to ask about that before hand. We don’t charge delivery fees unless its a weekend call. Many times these are waived depending on circumstances. We don’t charge hazmat fees. You pay only the bulk price for the fuel plus applicable State, County or City taxes. Tax exemptions are honored with the appropriate certificate.

Over 40 years serving Oklahoma, we are the largest independent distributor in the state.

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